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The Age of Inspiration is a free event held for people over the age of 50 who may live alone or who are lonely or looking for something new and interesting in their lives. The current economic climate means that some people in that age group, who may have retired, are now considering returning to work for financial reasons and are often struggling with their mental health as a result.

We use the 5 Ways of Wellbeing as our event structure:

1. Connect with other people
2. Be active
3. Keep Learning
4. Pay attention to the present moment
5. Give to others

Utilising this format our afternoon is full of fun and interesting things to take part in. Typically we have a singer with a sing-along, host, music with a movement facilitator, mindfulness and other activities all integrated in an overview of the five ways of wellbeing and what can be achieved by following them.


Our Age of Inspiration events are fluid, so we adapt depending on what the people in a particular area may require, and we invite local support agencies to attend to ensure that attendees get the most access to services as we can provide.

Afternoon tea and cakes are always served and we ask attendees to complete some feedback forms detailing their own personal requirements, feelings and current status. Attendees make a pledge to themselves how they are planning to implement the five ways into their lives to improve their wellbeing for the long-term.

Our Age of Inspiration events have been educating and entertaining the over 50s community throughout the North West for over 10 years. Here's some of our case studies.

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